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Chitora Collowikk by TheLadyOfBlack Chitora Collowikk by TheLadyOfBlack
Possible new MPM character (have to show her descript. to daniel.) , if not VVA. Her name is Chitora. ( Chi tora means blood tiger in japanese :3 )

*le description time*

Name: Chitora "Tora" Collowikk

Age: 19

Birthday: July 16th

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blood red

Eye color: Golden yellow

Height: 5'7"

Appearance: Chitora has dark red hair, cat ears, and a tail. She also has light skin and golden yellow eyes, and her left eye is covered by an eye patch. No one really knows why. She usually has on a green-brown tank top, a black sweater, a green-brown plaid skirt, and black thigh-high boots. She also wears a black choker.

Personality: Tora is a clever girl, and she is very sly too. Normally, she'll be a bit sneaky, and sneak up on people. Then she'll pretty much talk to you normally. Sometimes, she just walk up to someone and just start talking if she really needs to. She is good at solving puzzles and picking locks, do she usually solves puzzles and will pick the lock to her room in the mean time. She is protective of the gold sphere that usually floats around and follows her. She will only trust people if they look and seem safe enough to her, and it takes her a while with some people. She has a weird habit of purring if you pat and/ or pet her head, or if you pet behind her ears. She also likes climbing trees. She has a soft spot for friends, family, and animals. (especially small ones)

Bio: Chitora has a mother and one younger brother named Kiru. Her father had died of disease when she was 15.
Her and Kiru helped around in a book store that her mother owned since Tora was 16. Since then, she has read almost every oil in the store, and is working on her fighting skills when her mom isn't around, since she 's not sure if she'd be happy about it, and she decided to take a go at getting into the Midnight Panic.

Abilities: shadow powers, light powers, very quick, flexible, good at sneaking, good at seeing I'm the dark, knows some karate.

Weapons: katana, 45 cal., gold sphere.

Weakness: Her soft spot for friends and family are her weakness. If a loved one is captured or harmed in any way, she gets very defensive and will stop at nothing to save them, and will sometimes cause her to make decisions too quickly.

Likes: friends, family, practicing her fighting skills, reading, picking locks, fish, animals, climbing up trees, helping others, playing small pranks on others, etc.

Dislikes: being cold, anyone who harms a friend or member of her family, chatter boxes, extremely bossy people, jerks, idiots, etc.
cannedhubris Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
You are sooo talented and I really love the bio :D :iconcatplz:
TheLadyOfBlack Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! :D
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